STEAM Enrichment 

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We partner with local schools and community partners to provide cognitive skill building activities for students. Students are able to engage in team building activities, hands-on STEAM projects and after school tutoring which develops their ability to grow into future  leaders of tomorrow. 


Financial Literacy

This program has a two-generational approach which allows us to offer separate workshops to the Youth and Adults. The content is tailored to the age and maturity level of the participants.  Part of our Financial Literacy program covers job readiness, workforce development and understanding credit for home ownership.  

We offer Youth Entrepreneurship programs for students ages 7 to 18.  Each student that applied the learned skills have created successful businesses that generate income.

Youth Development

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Our Youth Development program allows students K-12 to engage in conversations about how they are experiencing life, voice the assistance they need to promote emotional healing, learn new techniques to communicate and education on suicide prevention.

Understanding the importance of our Youth, we also partner with various organizations, community centers and Metro schools to make positive impact that will reduce school absenteeism.

Food Drives/Serving Hot Meals

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Food insecurity as described by the USDA is when individuals don't have enough to eat and don't know where their next meal will come from.  This is observed from those homeless to those with jobs.  We are dedicated to providing meals, teach canning and resources to those in need within our surrounding communities especially during the holidays and winter months.

Disaster Response

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We know that natural disaster can strike the lives of families at any time and we seek to aid those in need any way that we can. From food and water distribution to disaster preparedness classes we aim to be of service. Our disaster response program is built around a set of coordinated activities that aim to save lives, reduce suffering, and protect property in the aftermath of a disaster. 

Arts for Youth

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Research shows that art can have a direct influence on literacy, math, and science.   Its further noted that engaging children in art promotes the development of cognitive, social- emotional and multi sensory skills.

Whether painting, drawing or attending a TPAC performance we ensure students within the undeserved communities have the experience to enjoy and express arts.

Community Outreach

Community outreach 2023
Our community outreach program aims to help underprivileged communities get the resources they need. We work with local officials, businesses and organizations to address the situations and issues that are impacting communities the most and help put long-term solutions in place.

We provide support and attention to detail to those in need within our community.  These events range from events on Food Insecurities, Awareness on Mental Health, Diabetes Education, connecting individuals to other resources.

Support is welcomed for our Yearly Back to School drives, Spring events, Volunteer Drives and Youth initiatives.

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